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The little whore

Selbstgeschrieben... Noch nicht mals so lange her.

 The little whore from anywhere

Yes its me


Wanting to end my life

Changing my side.

Running away

Getting on a trip.

Leaving this horrible world.

Thinking of you

Trying not to miss anything

Hard thing to bring

If your love increases

Til you cant breath anymore.

But ill keep it running

Though this time

I need it

How much you mean to me

You don’t know

You do not speak to me anymore

Having Broken my heart so far.

And you still do

With every word you don’t say

Every pray you don’t give.

Kissing her lips

Touching her neck.

Holding her hand

Thinking of her all the time!

Im as amused as

Of your new shit behaviour

As you would be

If ill workout with your best friend

Who do you think I am?!


Im not in your life anymore

And ill be Never again..

Perhaps you miss me

For sure

It was a great time..


Sitting with her drinking tea

Talkin bout crazy bitches like me

Phoning with her

Laughin bout little ridicolous girls like me

Chattin with her

(Getting me to start to cry )

When you say

Im the worst..

The little whore

From anywhere

But im sure

You still think of me

Your glances show

Im still in your head

You wanna talk to me again

But you arent allowed to

Cause you see

How I react

If youre next to me

I push you away

Or ignore you

you know

Its hard

Very hard for me

Im just a little tiny girl

With not having more than myself

You know

You really know

But you wanna see me cry

Wanna see me die

Damn shit

Why did I loose you?!
why dont I still ly in your arms?

Why don’t I still feel your kisses on my lips

Your arms around me

Telling me you love me…

Why don’t I?!

I want you back in my life!!!!!!

That’s all im breathing for….

Can’t sleep at night

Except im bright

Of having drunken too much

Smoked too much

Just to get rid of you!


You can imgaine how I feel

But you don’t show it to me


I have to let you go.



Awful imagination…

Cause I miss you so bad!

So im sitting here,

Cuttin myself

Wanting to run away from everything

Leaving your fuckin comments

Your damn new girlfriend

Your ugly behaviour

Should I?!

Should I really give up myself

Just for a fuckin guy like u?!

For a little boy having never really thought of me?

For someone

Who told me he loves me

But has never really done?!

Perhaps he would be happy

About never having to see me anymore.

Never having to hear my voice,

Never to see my face again,

Watching me talkin to other boys…

Have you ever really listened to me?!

Did you really do?!


No, you’ve never.

Cause I know it.

I see it in your face,

In your eyes!

You have never loved me,

And you never will!
I know it.

I really do…

But, don’t care if I kill myself

Its just me.

The little whore

From anywhere !

Did you ever imagine

Who I felt about it?

No you cant have

Or maybe

But ive never seen



I just heard every of your fuckin comments onto other girls

Or I felt your hands exploring my body,

But you’ve never done anything else.

Youve listened to me yes,

thats true,

but you never tried to understand me,

or to help me.

You went on

With your problems..

As if i would have been interested in!

You just wanted to have fun by yourself.

But youre just a little freak,

Its me

Hoping you to find any girl

Any time

Which will play with you

Then youll see

How it is

Being hurt

By a friend.

How it is

Not to realize yourself

Cause you just think of the other one.

And then shell hurt you,

And I hope as bad

As you did to sooo many girls.

And this girl will come

Im sure.

And then you will see

Will understand

How all of your girls felt

When you left them,

With a broken heart.

But I hope

Til then you are happy.

And it doesn’t matter what you do

What you say

Which things you pray

Just stay by yourself!

And think of my warnings…

Anytime you surely will!

But please don’t forget me..

Cause then im gonna die inside.

Then ill be a body without soul.

Do you want me that to be??

A fast train

On desert sky

Until the end of everything

Ill not stop trying…

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